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Accessing pdf documents with assistive technology a. Alzheimers disease ad the most common form of irreversible dementia is placing a considerable and increasing burden on patients, caregivers and society, as more people live long enough to become affected box 1. Ad is clinically characterized by a progression from episodic memory problems to a slow global decline of. Parkinsons disease, dementia with lewy bodies, and frontotemporal dementia. Essentially, the format is used when you need to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared. Html file on your system, or attach the results file to the document itself. Alzheimers disease ad is the most common form of dementia. By 2050, 14 million older americans are expected to have alzheimers disease if the current numbers hold and no preventive treatments become available.

Each disease has one or more proteins that most likely form the core of the pathogenic process. However, in recent years, several approaches aimed at inhibiting disease progression have advanced to clinical. Enter the information you want in the title, author, subject, and keywords fields. Slightly more than half of those with ad are cared for at home, while the rest are in different kinds of care. What does pdf mean and how do i save a file as a pdf.

Current drugs improve symptoms, but do not have profound disease modifying effects. Epidemiology of ad ad is a critical public health issue in the united states and many other countries around the world, with a significant health, social, and financial burden on society. Create and verify pdf accessibility, acrobat pro adobe support. The second form of proteinaceous deposit in the ad brain, the. Overview of alzheimers disease epidemiology o alzheimers disease ad is a neurodegenerative condition.

Although two of the main pathological features of ad, amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, were already recognized by alois alzheimer at the beginning of the 20th century, the pathogenesis of the disease remains unsettled. Alzheimers disease fact sheet order free publications. Factsheet 401lp what is july 2014 alzheimers disease. Alzheimers disease is the fastest growing segment of the population. Interactive forms is a mechanism to add forms to the pdf file format. The most common combination is alzheimers disease with vascular dementia caused by problems with the blood supply to the brain. Genetics of alzheimers disease stanford university. However, over time, their memory problems get more serious. Documents posted to your website fall under web content and therefore must follow the accessibility. The correlation between symptoms, etiology, and pathophysiology is not as tangible as other physiological diseases such as cardiovascular. How to convert pdf documents into html web resources.

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