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To inform such a diagnosis, this report examines perus camisea natural gas project. The company works in the camisea consortium and has exploratory operations and projects in the regions of junin and pasco and in the department of loreto. To what extend the role of the state in camisea gas project ilustrates te neoliberaliation. The camisea gas project in the peruvian amazon lumes. Camisea represents for pluspetrol the most challenging project to be accomplished by the company. Camisea gas project and gas processing plant, peru. Logistically, the project was truly a test because of the lack of roads and having to transport everything via rivers or airplanes. My dream is to build a 100yearlasting company, to yield work, values, energy and innovation for the generations to. Mar 01 consulta previa gobierno peruano pluspetrol cc. The case of the camisea gas project in peru publications inter. People, power, and pipelines world resources report.

Gas of camisea is a mega resource exploitation project, affecting ancestral. Camisea sa, a peruvian subsidiary of argentinabased pluspetrol, and in. Download as pptx, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. We ethically manage our business, which comprises the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our operations for decisionmaking, balancing short and longterm interests.

Impacts of the camisea project on indigenous people in peru. Pluspetrol is committed to carrying out its activities while constantly improving its good practices, pursuing excellence in all of its processes in order to achieve its longterm growth and sustainability objectives. Production of liquids of natural gas of camisea during 2004 2008. At present, pluspetrol is a key player thanks to the activities it has cemented in the country and the contributions it makes in the form of royalties. What are the contradiction between the discourse of camisea and the material reality of the. Pluspetrol demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring that all of its operations are conducted in harmony with the environment. Reys visionary spirit drove forward the creation of pluspetrol. The camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation 1 executive summary this report highlights the existing impacts of the camisea gas project in the southeast peruvian amazon on indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation isolated peoples in the kugapakorinahuananti and others reserve the reserve.

How hydrocarbon exploration projects, such camisea, can distribute risks and benefits among the regions and groups of actors. Adverse impacts of pluspetrols contamination on the right to health. Pdf the broker state and the inevitability of progress. The peru lng project will also take gas from the camisea fields for export. Group of environmental factors and economic value used in pluspetrol. As we understand the environmental and social complexity of the region, environmental and social management was considered a key aspect when defining alternative designs and operation techniques for the camisea project. Gas of camisea in territories of indigenous peoples in isolation. Emerging lessons in development, first consolidated report 20102014, independent advisory panel on development issues in southcentral peru. Despite unrelenting and detailed criticism of camiseas.

Interview with roberto ramallo, executive manager, pluspetrol. Pluspetrol resources corporation, hunt oil company, sk corporation, sonatrach petroleum corporation bvi y grana y montero s. Relat ed cont ent and download inf ormat ion correct at t ime of download. In late may 1999, the special committee of camisea project cecam. The camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation 3 for another part of the reserve also occupied by isolated peoples, or the 2d seismic tests, or the wells. Once the data is downloaded from the nasa server, each hdb file is. Holding the idb and ifc to account on camisea ii amazon watch. The camisea project will extract, transport and export gas from the one of the. The camisea gas project extracts and transports natural gas originating near the urubamba. The project, which cost nearly four billion dollars by 2015, developed in a remote, forested region of the amazon basin which has a population of mostly indigenous people. In this paper we study the effects of the camisea gas project, perus biggest. Moreover, hunt oil, sk corporation and pluspetrol own the gas in block 56, which will be. Partners, pluspetrol hunt oil company sk corporation repsol ypf tecpetrol sonatrach.

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