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Beyond the dark portal, an addon to warcraft ii released in 1996 by blizzard entertainment. Ner zhul has seized control of the horde and reopened the dark portal. If youre looking for the proper order to read the warcraft books i suggest the following. Beyond the dark portal is an expansion pack developed by blizzard entertainment and cyberlore studios, published in 1996 by. The aging orc shaman nerzhul has seized control of the horde and reopened the dark portal. Publication date 1996 topics warcraft 2, realtime strategy, blizzard. His brutal warriors once again encroach upon azeroth, laying siege to the newly constructed stronghold of nethergarde keep.

Reign of chaos and follows the story of prince arthas to northrend. There, the archmage khadgar and the alliance commander, turalyon, lead humanity and its elven and dwarven allies in fighting this new invasion. Lord of the clans book covers a wide swath from just before wc ii all the way to prior to wc iii. Also available is the expansion set, beyond the dark portal, which adds two new. The game and the addon were released for pcs, macintosh pcs and playstation and sega saturn consoles. Cross the threshold and discover a realm where the very balance between life and death is at stake. To advance beyond that, you will need to subscribe or add game time. Filled with stunning concept art and unit photography, this book also features insightful. Old games finder is a search engine and assumes no responsibility for the content of external websites. The story of the addict, tells the story of the war in draenor. Day of the dragon book wraps up some dangling threads from wc ii with deathwing and the red dragonflight. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Abandonware games warcraft ii beyond the dark portal. Beyond the dark portal world of warcraft by christie golden and aaron rosenberg book cover, description, publication history. Beyond the dark portal kindle edition by rosenberg, aaron. Beyond the dark portal book covers wc ii expansion in continuity. Read books beyond the dark portal world of warcraft e book free. Beyond the dark portal world of warcraft by christie golden and. Aaron rosenberg writes novels, roleplaying games, and educational books. The world of warcraft starter edition will allow you to play free until level 20. We would recommend for fans of warcraft to play some of the starcraft games like starcraft ii. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Shadowlands and join the armies of the dead as a death knight of any race, including the pandaren and all allied races.

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